Hi. How are you? I'm askcosplaykiku and I really love baseball.

I also write a WTNV fan fiction called Better than Moonshine. It's about the mafia.


this is a religious experience

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During the 9th inning of Lincecum’s no hitter the Mariners were periodically showing a live feed of the Giants/Pads game DURING their game against the Angels. Seeing the Seattle fans cheering so hard for Tim while still watching their own game was really amazing. When it gets near the end, even the players and umpires are watching the jumbotron.

I also love the broadcasters laughing. Great moment. Great baseball fans.


None moving one cause gif’s always eat up some colors ;o;


None moving one cause gif’s always eat up some colors ;o;

Possible WTNV Panel for Fanime


Hello friends

My friend and I would possibly like to have a Welcome to Night Vale fan panel for Fanime. We are looking for various cosplayers attending and would like to be in the panel. It would be an hour long ask panel.

I should mention nothing is set in stone as of yet, as getting a panel…


"But somewhere else, OK? A duplex, or an apartment… I don’t think a condo."
And he said “No, not a condo.”

This is a kinetic typography short I created because I absolutely adore Dylan Marron’s voice work for Carlos the Scientist, and I wanted to do something special for it. :]

While the visual is all me, the audio is from the Live at The Bell House recording of Condos, which you should totally buy in full here if you haven’t heard it yet: [x]